Dear Mind, RIP.

The nothingness between 2 thoughts is the seat of his grace. And his grace is the manifest form of her divine presence. So extend the space between those 2 thoughts. And over time kill them altogether, so that nothingness permeates your body. Let your mind become an eternal 404. Let it cease to exist for good. 

Had someone told me this during my business school days, I’d have scoffed, looked the other way, said thank you very much, and gone about my day. Arrogance much? Well, I’d say ignorance is bliss. 

Now, unlearning is a beautiful thing. We spend decades training our mind, conditioning it, imbibing it with values and belief systems. We spend some more decades then embedding emotions and allowing them to find a nice breeding ground in the cornucopia of our mind. The attachment to our mind becomes so strong, that we become it.

And then the obvious reaction to let go of our mind, is one of discomfort or outright denial. Societal frameworks play no small role in further entrenching our attachment with our mind. Got good grades in school? It was because of your brilliant mind! Nailed that job interview? Ofcourse, it was the genius that resides in your mind! Impressed that cute venture capitalist to invest in your company? Well, dear mind, take a bow. 

The journey from ordinary to extraordinary, as society defines it, resides in the brilliance emanating purely from our mind. And so it carries on, and we continue to nurture and nourish it further.

If only.

True genius lies in killing the mind, and putting it at rest, activating it only at your will. Letting it sleep, depriving it of its usual tendencies to insurrect your consciousness, and calling on it only when needed. In millennial speak, letting your mind chill. And chill a lot.

It starts with the small moments. Killing the mind for that fraction of a minute when you are making your morning coffee and feeling the caffeine mingle with the nothingness that now rests within. Or, killing the mind when you have been served the sumptuous pani puri, and simply enjoy it with nothing else within you. Save except the pani puri.

And then it graduates to the big things. The questions that you had, that aren’t questions anymore. The doubts which you harbor that exist no more. As the past dissipates, and the future dissolves, the consciousness reveals itself just in the present. Through one breath at a time, in an empty mind, with the levity and lightness of nothingness. 

And this nothingness is divine. It’s pristine. It’s resplendent. It’s the entire universe in one breath. It’s Him. And it’s Her.

And you know the best part? The bigger the tentacles of the mind, the more glorious the victory of your nothingness. Go ahead. Give it a shot.


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