Dear family, 

I was hoping none of you would have noticed, but some of you wonderfully observant and caring Sherlocks 🧐😄 have asked why I haven’t posted or commented recently and have enquired about my health. I’m very touched.

It’s been a particularly challenging month with The Thing That Nobody Talks About and it left me unable to do much at all over the past few weeks including reading or writing with any focus. For those who’ve never suffered from it, it might be difficult for you to understand, but if you’ve read that post already you’ll know it’s something I’ve been dealing with for most of my life.

Perhaps because of my age now (I’m 41) it’s gotten worse over the last 3 years, and this last month gave me and my doctor a good indication that it’s time to go for the last course of treatment which is a hysterectomy with my ovaries removed. (It wasn’t advisable over the last couple of years because of the Covid restrictions otherwise I would definitely have gotten it done sooner.)

My mother had to have it done when she was around my age, so perhaps it’s hereditary and the surgery was inevitable.

I’m not nervous about it at all, I’ve had major surgery before. If anything I’m very relieved that I will finally have a permanent solution, and I’m looking forward to feeling reborn with no more debilitating PMDD and periods.

And as I mentioned to a fellow devotee recently, I’m so grateful to the Divine for giving me the full female experience in this life. There are not many traumas, challenges or experiences a girl or woman can go through that I haven’t gone through myself.

Most importantly to me, this means that when I read your posts, when you speak to me of your pain, when I see that look on your face, you have someone with you who can really empathise, who’s been through it too, who actually understands how you feel.

I do truly feel your pain, but, I also feel hope where you might not yet. Because, no matter what you’re going through or have been through, no matter how harrowing, I know that you can overcome anything. As I often say, if someone like me can, anyone can.

The hysterectomy (and another surgery to help with some chronic digestive issues I’ve also been having) will be here in India, in September, after my 2nd dose of the vaccine, and I’m ready to enter this new phase of my life and be back in full force once I’ve recovered.

I’ll be finishing my meditation series and will work on the next season of Confessions of a Merry Monk as soon as I can, and I promise to try and catch up on every comment and post I’ve missed. I know the time, effort, heart, and sometimes tears, that go into each post and I’m looking forward to reading them and re-connecting with you all.

Thank you for your unbelievable kindness and support, all you Sherlocks! ☺️🤗

Keep writing, keep unravelling yourselves, keep inspiring. Every post you write, every comment you leave has the potential to change your life and someone else’s. Writing here, with His Grace, has definitely changed mine. With my head bowed and my heart full, I’m very, very grateful 🙏🏻

See you soon!

With His Grace,

Sushree Diya