When goddess durga killed the demon Mahishasura, the demon’s cousin,  mahishi, decided to take revenge on the gods. Mahishi pleased lord Brahma with her penance and asked for a boon that she could only be killed by a child who was born out of physical union between lord vishnu and lord shiva.  Brahma granted the boon. Mahishi was confident that a physical union between lord shiva and lord vishnu would never take place, and so, she would be invincible.  Feeling fearless, mahishi began to harass the gods.

Demoness mahishi 2


Meanwhile, a physical union had already taken place between lord shiva and mohini, who was actually lord vishnu in the form of a woman. The child born out of their union was named Ayyappa and was growing up in the kind care of shiva’s devotee,  king Rajashekhara of Panthalam. Ayyappa grew with tremendous powers. One day, he entered the forest and engaged the fierce mahishi in a battle. Since he was indeed the son of shiva and vishnu, he destroyed mahishi and rid the world of her tyranny.

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