तेरे इश्क़ का जादू कुछ यूं छाया,

दिल आज भी खाली है पर तन्हा नहीं।

शौक जन्नत की नहीं रखता हूं लेकिन,

तेरे नूर से रौशन हो जनाजा मेरा।

Someone said to me once, “ईश्वर पर निर्भरता का अभ्यास करो”. It means, practice dependency on God. Such a precious line it is. A state of contentment in whatever comes. A state of joy without complaints and Demands. When we do our duty in such state, our needs are taken care of and It is Freedom for me in true sense. If we are here, just being, living the moment, we are free from the known. Life starts where seeking ends.

I remember a story about a child in a village. Once in a village, the villagers thought to do a Anusthan for Rain. Everyone was going to that sacred place for the pooja. This child took an Umbrella and started going towards the sacred place. Someone asked him that why was he carrying an Umbrella. He replied, It will rain after the pooja, that’s why I am carrying this Umbrella. Anything is possible, if our Faith is Unflinching and like that Child. 😊

Loads of Love to you all. ❤️