Destiny smiles, while man prows
Etching sketching his life’s vows
Little is he aware of her might
Forever thinks he is right

Then one day, all is lost
There comes blame on the plot
Words fly in the air
Hoping to calm the despair

Seldom does he realize
He is part of a compromise
If only he understood her plans
Would he see where he stands

Let belief enlighten the soul
Know what happens, is her goal
For you do not see, the life she drew
The picture reveals a beautiful view

 Believe that what happens is for our best and somehow every problem will help us grow. This has been my belief in life and I have seen it pay off. It has always guided me to concentrate on the right thing to do and leave the rest to the Lord who must have had a reason to put obstacles in my path. Believe that he is moulding me through the cuts and bruises to ensure I become worthy of the life given to me.

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