Only a little time back,

When I was younger,

Than yesterday, 

cause today I am the oldest,

I have ever been.

I saw my dad,

Little tipsy,

I thought the man has lost it,

cause my parents were conflicted. 

It was a little time, 

And I became older than,

Those days. 

Then I saw my dad,

He was tipsy,

Yet again.

I was disappointed, 

Because long has it been,

Since he has been that way,

And many more things,

Which I don’t wanna say. 

My mom said what was wrong every day,

I felt a sharp pain,

Until it had me in it every day.

It was that day when I became older than yesterday,  

When I sat before the truth of the three men who touched me in inappropriate ways, for long and in very bad ways.

I said and went away to grow older from my mother who shut it away.

I heard some good stories of mahatmas

But I never knew,

One was looking at me,

And also my dear family.

I never knew that days of darkness, 

Would be swept away. 

I never knew I will be freed from it so soon…

I never knew guruji I had you.

I can say, with utmost pride,

that God chose me this time,

to be able to say that I owe you my life.

For you were there when I didn’t know you.

That itself was my ignorance,

but it’s all destiny and

even for the lost souls,

there’s something not so lost when there is someone like you around.

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