For the past few days, I had not written anything. I know, as a writer, that is not good. But somehow I knew that I wanted that break. I felt guilty, but now I know it was a most necessary break when I look back on those days.

I have learned something which is called “detox”. It is difficult, not easy. Because we as humans are so addicted to our daily activities. Yes. I am using the word addiction here. It is because one can interchangeably use detox for a break. But detoxing means just not taking a break or change in diet or lifestyle. (this is totally my view).  Detoxing does not involve only the body, it also includes the mind.

If you ask me what is Detox, I will say, notice-change-accept-learn. 

Detoxing is necessary for the human body. Noticing the minute changes in our life is not a habit for us. There are so many things that keep on changing every day but we tend to overlook them and suddenly one day, we feel overwhelmed by all the changes that have taken place in our life. Change is the only constant of our life. We cannot avoid change. And change makes us what we are in life. If a human is stubborn to the changes in the surrounding, he/she may lose to some amazing opportunities in life. Hence, I say “Change” comes as the second most important thing.  If one can observe changes daily then that is a good daily habit.

When we observe the changes taking place around, we now have to “accept”. Accepting the changes is important, not only for the body to adapt to them but also because it helps us improve as human beings. Last but not the least, Learn. The process of learning never stops. We learn something new every day. Again, we may not notice that but after a few days have passed we would notice what we have learned over the period of time. And hence, (as per my view) Learning comes as a part of detoxing.

I must say, writing after so many days feels good. I know what I have in mind. Detoxing has helped me clear a few thoughts from the many bottled-up thoughts. I won’t say I am great at detoxing or I know the process or everyone should follow this process. But I will say, Detox your mind after every few months. Make space for new thoughts and gain a new perspective. Keep learning and experimenting. Importantly, keep living!

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