Namaskaram Swamigaru,

should I.,/not write—-., already lots exists. it did before also, right.i consoled myself. 

uh! i have written my first post, let me be —the second one , its saying puuhleeasee. then i am like ok, but, its

me in the form of letters,

words text myself into a passage.

writing between the lines of the past,

filling the spaces of the post.

here I am, searching for the flow,

letting to go with a bow.(Gurubhyo namaha)

lets contribute, lets go….!

great conjunction of jupiter n saturn in sky. one is the very master(Guru), other one is kar(ma)2ster(Shani deva).

chilling n thrilling on terrace, just viewed the magnificient planets, along with mars , moon,lot of stars flooding my vision with twinkles.

down stairs , feels warm comparatively. 

our kuldevta is Sri Ranganatha swamy,  near a village in kurnool. we compulsorily visit every year. but this year , we are not lucky to have darshanam. the reason is obvious. so with this , i begin,

SRI RANGAM- the biggest functioning temple in south india is 1/108 divya deshams, swayam vyakta kshetra.

i hav visited the temple twice in the past. one has to visit this marvellous temple to feel the energy.( try virtual tour).

Dhanur maasam , Goda devi, consort of Sri Ranganatha swamy, also only lady Azhwar, composed” THIRUPPAVAI” , 

is song of garland of 30 pasurams,… these are sung during this maasam n performed as kathyayani vratam also.

all know this, but a small twist jolted me 2yrs back, when i was envious?! about Goda devi’s devotion on listening to her story.

i thought why not me hav such bhakti!!!?!! , the then something unexpected n miracle happened, unknowingly i slid myself into one her

freinds. till today i donot know from where n how this thought flashed into my mind. the joy / bliss that i underwent when Goda devi

accepted me as Her freind ,is unexpainable. now, u know ,she is  one of my best friend.(vice versa!!!). must stretch the realm of

imagination.. one of my –yeah, the others followed, well , let them make other posts. its faith , sane.

thanku, manjula

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