Hello os.me family, I wish you a very happy and a very warm dussehra. I would love to share my yesterday experience of burning and making ravan in my own pearly words. I have made a beautiful and some inches big ravan and small kumbhkaran and meghnath which I have made very joyfully and happily with the help of my mumma. I took the help of newspapers, cardboard, acrylic colours and glitter sheets. It took me a full two days to make ravan, kumbhkaran and meghnath. I also put some crackers which were left over last year. I messed up two bedsheets with colour while making the ravan, kubhkaran and meghnath. But I thought I should have been taken care of it while colouring the ravan, kumbhkaran and meghnath. But , after a long time of hard work and messing up everything thing my beautiful ravan, kubhkaran and meghnath were completed and all were dressed up nicely.I have been making ravan for some fun and also for burning crackers. I love burning crackers but, since crackers are banned in Delhi I burn less crackers. We make dussehra because this day goodness wins and badness lose. When I burn the ravan I feel that goodness enters in our house and badness goes away from our beautiful house.

Here’s the beautiful ravan, kubhkaran and meghnath which I have made with the help of my beautiful mumma.

Dhinchak ravan 2

I hope you liked my beautiful ravan, kubhkaran and meghnath.


I thought when we burn ravan, kubhkaran and meghnath the badness from our body goes away and happiness, goodness and kindness enters in our soul.

                          Jai Sri Hari 

Keep Smiling