Dhyana for householders…

Most of the people complain that as they are householders, they cannot find time for meditation/Dhyana. They consider that only sadhus/monks or the people who have no responsibilities and old people can get time for meditation.

But  many realised masters have said that even a householder can live in meditation.
How is it possible?

If you understand properly the meaning of ‘Meditation’ which is also called ‘Contemplation’ or ‘Dhyana’, you will notice that everyone here is doing it 24×7 unknowingly.
Then why don’t they are at peace?
Because they are meditating upon everything other than the Truth.
All are contemplating upon one or more objects, things, beings, name, fame, money, etc.  They are getting their object of contemplation but not the eternal peace.

Dhyana is contemplation and deep reflection on the object of desire with continuous steadiness without break.

Observe the passionate people in your surrounding.  They are so passionate about making name, fame, money. Some have the passion of body looks, some are passionate for music, dance, etc.
What are they doing?
Doing anything for their passion. They are taking so much efforts to achieve their goal…object of desire.

Observe the renowned artists and  poets. Every one wonder about their arts like  drawing, painting, sketch, poem, etc. How do they achieve the perfection in their arts?
Their beautiful arts are the outcome of their contemplative mind.
In order to create a painting, an artist sits for hours together contemplating upon the subject of his art. He gets so absorbed in his art that he forgets eating and drinking.
With his contemplating mind , Arjuna could hit the eye of the fish revolving over the base.
Remember so many scientists and genius people who discovered and invented  so many great things, laws, etc just because of their contemplative mind.

Our scriptures tell that -‘You get what you contemplate upon.’

You must have seen many students getting the position of top rank because of their sincere study, keeping the goal in mind constantly.

We can use this  technique of meditation/dhyana, for the right cause-our spiritual evolution.

Our goal is not to contemplate  only upon worldly things.
There are four goals of human life. Primary and the highest goal is the moksha/ the Liberation.  Secondary goals are Dharma, Artha and Kaam.

It is not true that while engaged in achieving the worldly goals ( to acquire material prosperity,  fulfill the desires and acquire merits by doing the duties, etc), you cannot meditate or contemplate upon the highest.
In fact, it can be  done best when you are involved in your daily routine.
What one requires is the full focus on the task at hand yet aware of the goal. ( focus on the work /duty and attention on the God/ Pure Consciousness)
You can understand this technique with a routine examples.

A mother takes her son to the kindergarten. She looks at her crying son sitting in the class but comes back home and becomes busy in household work like cooking, cleaning,  attending guests, etc. But the thought of her little child is constantly there in her mind by default.  She does her routine duties at ease with constant attention on her son. She is living in meditation but the object of her contemplation is her son. 

You have planned to make a sweet dish- ‘Halwa.’ The thought of ‘Halwa’ is in your mind in the background. You arrange all the necessary ingredients-suji, sugar, ghee, cardmom, dry fruits,etc for it. You prepare Halwa using all your skills.
During this period,  did you repeatedly say ‘I have to prepare halwa’ ?.
Surely not.
Because while carrying out the required procedure, your attention was on Halwa. You were fully focusing on the task at hand yet aware of the goal. And you know, this is the meditation.

If you desire for the Moksha ( Intense desire of liberation is mumukshutvam. ), you have to replace object of worldly desire with the Subject, that is all. And the Subject is the One and only the Nondual Self.  It’s our True nature, Our True Identity.

This is how the Realised masters live in meditation.  They need no remembering of their identity.

It seems very difficult for us but once you understand this technique, you can practice it during your daily routine. You don’t need to sit in the corner for long hours for it.

Doing our worldly duties yet being aware of the Truth that-
‘I am the Brahman…The Pure Consciousness…
That I am the enlivening principle behind all these activities getting carried out through the given body mind intellect complex’  is living in meditation. 

Hari Om!