The use of internet has increased due to COVID restrictions,less socialising and a revolutionary flood of spiritual, scientific and entertainment based You tube vedios.Most times the way we all spend our time is by spending it on screen either on mobiles or i- pads. See the display picture and the mindfulness Swami ji has taught us i have started noticing that there are thousands of views but may be likes in hundreds.If we start any vedio maybe a food channel or a car review or travel vlogs ,if we finish them till end does not it show We liked them? Then why an act of a nano second of using our index finger to press the thumbs up icon makes our Ego or unmindfulness come in between?We may not have something great to say or advice or appreciate or approve of the ideas of the vedio maker but by giving it a like do we not want to acknowledge his hard work? Lot of time , efforts, resource, ideas and aspirations go in making a you tube vedio ,a serial,a show ,a script or a blog/ blog , lets as a Rak start hitting the like button as a kindness quotient!