Today I opened an old cupboard, where I found my 12 th Psychology book. I remembered its first chapter, not the title but the lessons it gave. 

It was about how everyone is different. Okay let’s suppose someone tells you to wear a yellow or green color shades for the whole time. Would it be possible for you to enjoy the different colors that nature has endowed us with. I think anyone will get bore by seeing the world with same colors everyday. 

The same goes for our mind,   I think…we keep on wearing the ages old stigmas, judgements, societal conditioning and what not.  And it’s not just the mundane life and mindsets but also the dirt which keep on griming day after day and we forget to clean the window pane. 

With this mindset only, ģwe look at everyone around us. Just test it someday, if you’re sad you will definitely try to make the most happiest person on the earth sad by your negativity and on the other side if you are happy you can celebrate on the graveyard. 

Speaking of the perspective I here remember Mulla Nasurrddin’s story. Mulla had two sons, one was extremely positive and the other extremely negative. So Mullah one day, thought of a solution. He decorated the whole room of the son with negative perspective, with balloons, candles, beautiful curtains and exotic fragrances. On the other hand the son who was extremely positive , Mullah filled up his room full of horseshit. Now it was the time to see how they both react. At first Mullah went to the room of the boy whose room was decorated with balloons and candles to make his life little hopeful, but when he entered the room, he was amazed to see that his son was crying bitterly and saying,” what have you done dad? What if all the hydrogen gas in the balloons would have filled my lungs or what if the candles burnt the curtains and my whole room would have been on fire?” Mullah was perplexed,  he thought if making all the surroundings beautiful could not change him what would be the condition of the other son with room full of horseshit.  Scared and baffled, he entered the room of the other son and he was now spellbound as his son was jumping with happiness that knew no bounds. He said cheeringly with digging out all the shit of the horse out, ” Dad ! I am thinking that if horseshit is here, I  am sure, horse will also be found here soon.”

This story of Mullah’s son is the story of everyone of us, yes! We sometimes go to the extremes in life and get sticked to our old built up mindsets which is a very good ingredient to ruin one’s life. Thus to find balance, I think we should be flexible with the shades of our mind. We should accept that not everyone is same, and that’s the beauty of the God’s creation. He created every human unique. For comparison is the killer of joy. So next time, if you feel upset about  not following what others are doing or others are not doing what you are upto , think it as God’s unique variation and enjoy! 

Hope you liked it….Lots of love and laughter ❤💕🤗🌻🙏🙏💜💜

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