We all bound with relationships nature created for us. Emotional attachment plays around than practical circumstances. Mishti open the bed side drawer to get some money out of it. He found only a ten rupee folded note. There is no money he said humoursely then from Azar door a hand full of skin folds come in to handover a 500 rs note to Mishti. Boy questioned what should I brought with this little money. Her( second person already present in room) eyes were on small screen but she was noticing every moment of scene and hence the question arises in her mind.People are not having money for food and medicines in this pandemic time and Mishti is going to meet demands for drugs and alcohol for the so called House Master.This is not a unique story it is story of many households.But out of the emotional attachment we are not able to differentiate between what is the rationale and what is irrationale particularly in case of our blood relations and firsthand family members.I remember many incidents at my home when my mother caught up in a clash with my elder sister and then she was expecting favour from her other child.Hence clashes started between siblings and they struck up on these points as in conversation:
A: Mother can’t be wrong.
B: Fine.She is human first then a mother.And to err is human.
A: Yelling at B. She has given Birth to you!! You are from her not she is from you!!
And hence this endless conversation goes on which is conclusionless being under clutches of emotions.
So in my view one should have a rationale view or practical view not a gender based or age based view(having thought that elder can’t be wrong).
I will not say we should avoid such situations rather as and when situation melt down than we should have a healthy discussion at an unbiased thought level( keeping aside the relations and Hirearichal order in family).
Still I am in dilemma .I request to Divine Swami ji and whole os.me community to come up with your thoughts in such situations 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Note- My sincere apologies to readers for my mistakes and wrong choice of words.