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I had never ever thought that I would be uploading a solo version of this song, recorded or live, but I guess some things cannot be controlled and I apologise in advance for my mistakes but that night I couldn't resist myself from singing this and now something in me is pushing me to post this imperfect video and share with you, also, I am in my night suit. Cool right? you know me well so I don't think you'd be surprised. dearest @saregama_official if you have any issues with this live jam of mine please let me know before any any any action. originally composed by Madan Mohan Ji, sung by Lata Mangeshkar Ji, lyrics by Raja Mehndi Ali Khan ji, starring Sadhna ji, Helen ji, Manoj Kumar ji, Prem Chopra ji and other respected artists. My salute to all the musicians involved in the making of this song. Thank you @priyanshi_srivastava27 for shooting this, thankyou @shlokbhandari15 for making this video worth watching! *no copyright infringement intended* the video posted here does not intend to earn monetary benefits and is for the entertainment of my page followers.In case of any conflict, please get in touch at or #lagjagale #prateekshasrivastava #prateeksha #latamangeshkar #lataji #madanmohan #rajamehndialikhan #wohkaunthi #wokaunthi #lagjagalecover #sadhna #helen #manojkumar #premchopra #lagjagalelive #prateekshalive #evergreensongs #ultrabollywood

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I will keep it short and sweet;


The Lamb’s Wool:


I am not your excuse

Neither I am to accuse.

I am here with you all

You just can’t think simple.

The journey from being to be is over.

I am walking and validating Truth for you.

But You Just can’t think Simple.

Someone has to be the balance.

I am THAT.


Be the change you want to see in the society.

Guru is always there. Grace is always there. It just needs acceptance of ourselves as we are.

Koi paapi nahi jiska Bhavisya na ho aur koi Sant nahi jiska ateet na ho ( Haidakhan Babaji).

Every Sinner has a future and Every Saint has a Past but Truth is in Present.

Every thing has been said already. Once you feel the change, please accept it and embrace it. Don’t fall back. Walk freedom from within.


Loads of Love.

All Glory to thy Lotus Feet My Dear Sri Hari aka Om Swami.


P.S.: Please forgive the errors in the post and let me know as well, so that I can grow further.

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