You see your concern, of course a fair concern about future and all of your learning is just a bit of your ego. You see the small favours you do to someone which give you a cheer is just a tiny shadow of your ego. You say, he is rude or showy but you see your very own politeness is Ego. I don’t say you should stop doing good to others; I mean the smile or the smirk it delivers is ego. The whole business of good and bad is actually ego. No, no, are not ego but whatsoever belongs to you is ego. Even the family you claim to have. Weird!!! The very idea of belongingness is but ego. No, it is not about alienation. That again is your pissed off ego. Your instincts and emotions and all of your feelings have a common seed of origination…ego. it is the language you speak and live through.

Something in you that poses limits to you is ego. Ego is confinement. It is slavery to the commands of instincts and the impressions of your mind. Fear is ego and so is bravery because they come with their own limitations anyways.

Onceyouput the slough of your ego off, a fragrance of indomitable vastness appears. I don’t say… a vastness of thought or sympathies. Vastness in literal terms; a vastness of virgin silence and ‘zero time-space’.Yeah…Freedom!!!