What I am going to talk about is neither new, nor unfamiliar, it’s what our Swamiji has always been telling us… This is only a repetition…😊

They say, that no two snowflakes look alike (I haven’t really studied snowflakes, but I trust the ingenuity of our Creator) Still, the essense they carry within is the same. It is the same water which is taking different forms.. and ultimately all snowflakes whatever be their shape will melt into water.

So it is with us… We are created in different moulds, but within us is the same Divine essense. The moulds are all different, some fair, some dark, some with long pointed nose, some short, some fat, some tall, some more pretty. But whatever form the mould has been given, it has been designed so by that Master Craftsman. He has designed you in a unique way. So do not fret if you have a big nose, or a mole on your cheek. It is only a signature of the creativity of the Master Craftsman, who is expressing His creativity through you!!!

And not only the appearance, He has also given each person a unique talent, an outlet to express the divinity within. If one person writes poetry, another maybe an artist. Some dance gracefully, some may be able to swim very fast, or run long miles… some may cook exotic dishes, some may master meditators (you know I am talking about, Divinity in its full expression ☺️) Your special talent is how the Master has chosen to express His divinity through you. So do not fret if you cannot paint well, or sing well. You may be able to do something different which nobody else can do as well as you do. It maybe something as weird walking a tight rope, or juggling five balls, or maybe even performing a complicated surgery, but it doesn’t matter really what it is!

And now I am going to reveal a big secret…

The key to discovering divinity…

It is this…Lose yourself into what your special talent is!!! Lose yourself so much into it, that only that little bit of you remains which is actually enjoying what you are doing. (Hope you really weren’t expecting some Abracadabra magic spell here! πŸ€ͺ)

If you are a painter, lose yourself so much into painting that you don’t really care what the painting is going to look like in the end or that you want to be the greatest painter the world has seen. Just become one with the painting… If it’s music you love, sing with your heart and soul in it so that you become the song (if your voice is bad, it’s your neighbours problem 😁😁). If it’s cooking you love, enjoy baking that cake and decorating it with beautiful icing…Hey but don’t become one with the cake πŸ™„..thats going to land you in trouble….it’s only the cooking you focus on, not the eating part!! (I hope you get it)Β 

And remember, to discover your divinity, you become the art, it’s not the other way round. Your art should not become a big “you”. You are losing yourself into your art… don’t inflate your ego, thinking that you are somebody great. It is purely Divine grace that you have be chosen as a medium for expression of divinity.Β 

In simple words, all that is required of you is to perform your every action with complete mindfulness so that you become your action. In the end, if you become a better person who is more compassionate to the other fellow beings you have taken a step forwards towards discovering your divinity.Β