When you dissolve your ego and surrender to the cause of the ego, it brings joy inexplicable. It immediately relieves your mind from the shackles of ego and releases the burden of carrying the ego resulting in dilution of the thought that provokes your ego. Once ego is dissolved, you are set in for a journey towards freedom, as you have liberated your mind from a cobweb of ego towards nothing which is unbounded. I was clinging to a mindset , over the years, which I realised later that the mindset that contains the ego, has a tremendous sense of falsehood, a social stigma which may be socially relevant but existentially non-relevant. After surrendering you may feel dejected, or losing the battle as you surrender to your ego, but after sometime, you realise that actually you empower yourself.
I let go my ego last Friday. I was clinging to the ego unknowingly but this time, I decided to go with the Flow. This simple decision is itself so empowering that it overwhelms my mind, simply blows away my mind, feeling very relaxed. I did it with a smile so that all can understand that I did not keep any grudge towards anything. It was a deliberate choice to be grounded and mindful. The alternative, which I overlooked over the years, is the best choice to be made at this point of life, and suddenly I feel at ease. The entire experience is so phenomenal that it brings a different kind of happiness – seeing all that are so happy. I really love it and I accept it.
The entire episode taught me a simple lesson, ego is useless. It will give you a sense of falsehood. Once you dissolve your ego and you will be free of unnecessary burden that you are carrying over the years. Free yourself from all burdens of life, simplify your life, life will help you to simplify things. The entire experience lifted my spirit up. Thank you Black Lotus! Your are incredible.