The word distance implies di-stance, meaning there are two poses, two stances… A subjective pose and an objective pose. The whole of the separateness arises from the distance. Most of the time we are the subject and the object experiencing feelings.

It’s so interesting to note that every suffering we feel, every agony we experience, every trauma one goes through is because of the distance between themselves and the other. Sometimes we tend to distance ourselves and sometimes we resist our own feelings. We don’t notice that it’s the distance which troubles us. We seldom do understand that the resistance to our dislikes/sorrows are only building a stronger bridge and covers the distance effectively. And deep within, the resistance to ourselves and the dislike we have on ourselves, greatly creates a distance externally as well… Its worth reducing the distance of ourself towards ourself.. Our own ideas that contradict our natural flow of the body and mind. Subscribing to a particular belief system which is against the rhythmic flow of body/mind would greatly trouble internally which one wouldnt be aware enough as one would already see that trouble externally. By the time one sees the trouble externally, rarely one looks in… He /She blames the other or the time or his/her karma. A true yogi takes responsibility for all the past and present karma and never worries for the future. Being ready to accept what comes, being irresistible to the inner conflicts would greatly liberate the conflict on the whole.
When one welcomes all that comes, then its a grace of surrender. Acceptance reduces the distance. When there is no distance between you and me, then there is no point of you and me. Its all just one. How worthy and intelligent it would be to reduce the distance instead of striving to become one with all!! And how to reduce the distance?
1. Self forgiving, self gratitude and clearing off the beliefs that are not aligned to the universal truth.
2. Come what may, welcome the feelings, welcome the emotions, welcome the situations for all that we see outside is what us inside.. Consider the outer world as a validation tool for your inner world.
3. Handle the emotions, feelings, situations with utter love and honesty towards yourself, for this is the best way one can know about ones likes and dislikes… After knowing this, just be impartial towards the likes and dislikes. The distance is greatly reduced this way..
4. Love & laugh.Life will take care of the rest. Its all divines play.

Love & Peace,
Vani Om Anandi