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“What about the humiliation I faced without any good reason! Boss didn’t give it a thought. My parents had never slapped me till date. My mother had never scolded me. My father had scolded me twice; once for watching porn when I was in school and another time when I put the empty glass of wine in front of Lord Ganesh idol placed on side table in drawing room. At that time I was in college. A stranger beat me in front of staff members and guests. Although I could hit them somewhat like a Hindi film hero but I couldn’t as I was on duty. I had to be polite with guests in all circumstances. I couldn’t misbehave with them.”


“I am feeling utterly bad. I have thought about it thousands of times. This thought is killing me from inside just like a wood boring insect that eats wood from inside and outer surface of wood remains intact. I find myself unable to face my juniors and my girl friend. I am ashamed of myself.”

On hearing the whole story, Mr. ‘X’s mentor replied, “My dear, you are stressed because of repeatedly thinking about the same event which is past now! And the consequences of the same event which you are imagining will happen in the future. There are so many useless thoughts about the past or future which keep hitting the mind like waves hitting the seashore. Brooding over pleasant events gives happiness and brooding over unpleasant events gives sadness, stress and depression. One doesn’t realise the importance of thoughts till one is trapped in negative thoughts.” Mr. ‘Y’ looked in his eyes and said, “Suggestion to you, Think right! Focus your mind!! Live in present!!!”

Mr. ‘X’ asked, “Thoughts keep entering my mind one after the other and are hell difficult to control. They are very depressing!”

“Swami Tejomayananda said that if you are lost in thoughts then that is agitation. If thoughts are lost in you, then that is meditation. So, practice meditation to control thoughts.”

Excerpt from my book ‘Japa Meditation – The Easiest Way to Calm the Mind’

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