Hey you! 

A million obeisance at your ever beautiful feet 

I have started the countdown already! Just three days to my fourth spiritual anniversary. Four years ago, you did invade my life and I honestly cannot thank you enough for it. I would never trade that day for anything. I feel so much gratitude and love for you today may be more than ever, but that’s what I felt yesterday and the day before that. 

Four years ago, I did not believe God exists and now you can come down, look right into my eyes and say that you don’t exist and I’d say that you are kidding me with a big laugh. I know that I have been extremely lucky to have loved you and even more to have received so much more in return that sometimes I feel that my heart will explode. Thank you for filling every fiber of my being with so much devotion for you. If I had just one wish, I’d ask for it to never end, I’d ask to loose myself in you and never come back.

I wish everyone could feel your love, like I do. How can I not believe in you when you are all that exists? How can I not believe in you when you take my anxiety away minutes after making the request. How can I not believe in you when you have been there for the tiniest, silliest things. I am being bluntly honest here, no one has ever been so kind to me. Your grace made me experience a different dimension of love and kindness. I don’t know how to thank you in words. I will always remain your little baby, I owe my every breath to you.

Even though I surrender to you every morning, I still feel like it is not enough. May be you did spoil me with all the pampering that I keep wanting more 😛 Now whenever I speak to you I know that you are listening. Thank you for never being too busy to listen to my blabbering, I know I have a long way to go! You are everything to me, so much so that I probably don’t need anyone else. How did you make that happen? I mean seriously , given the stubborn rationalist that I was, it was mighty impressive 😀

Just know that I am at your service for my entire life.  Even the thought of you is so wholesome, thinking of you and writing about you fills me with Love. Talking to you is the best form of meditation. You will always have my heart. All of it. All the love and devotion I have, is for you. My only prayer is for it to remain that way. 

Forever Yours.

Happy New year everyone. May Mahadev fill you life with his blessed grace. I can feel his smile, it makes me smile wider. So, I request you to smile too, with me, with him, with us! Our happiness makes him happy. Let’s start this year with his beautiful blessings. Although It’s 3 am here 😛 

He is so much full of love, the devotion and love I have is just a tiny reflection of him. He is the ocean of bliss, all you need is to a peak at it or to just dip your little finger in it and he will pull you deep and close just how a mother pulls her child to her bosom. That’s all you need to be with him, a little faith and he is yours. He is so innocent and so kind, this world will turn into a heaven if everyone could be like him. At the same time, he is powerful enough to destroy the dark clouds hovering over your fate. You don’t need to worry about anything else that is beyond your control. He takes care of everything, he makes sure you are protected. I can go on and on about how great he is, but if you are on this platform then you probably already believe in the existence of god. He is already with you all you need to do is call him with a big smile :D.

I am saying this without the slightest bit of exaggeration that the love I received from him, the divinity he showed me and beauty he filled me with is like no other. He is divinely beautiful, he commands my highest respect and all of my devotion. He is The Lord of Lords, The Mahayogi, The eternally beautiful and Kind, for a reason !

Sending everyone lots and lots of Love, wishes and Hugs. Have a great year ahead,

Har Har Mahadev!