Before you start, I request you to empty your mind and read the pointers in as calm environment as you can find.
Navratri Vibes are already here and I am hoping that everyone is as excited as I am 🤗. So these Nine days, let’s all immerse ourselves in her Divine love and listen to nothing else but her glories.
Let me share some pointers that I feel about her, as per my experience and my sentiments. For me, Shiva and Shakti are the same. So I don’t face any problems in diverting my devotional sentiments that I have for Shiva to the Mother Divine.

1. She is undoubtedly the most beautiful. I have seen her once in my dream and I can never forget that radiance. She was dressed in a yellow Saree, a little red bindi and wore a crown like an empress.

2. When I am with Shiva, it depends on my sentiments that how I see him. A Guru, a father, a friend (most of the times) but with Mother Divine, I can only visualise her as a mother. I feel that her motherly vibe is the reason behind it. You see, Shiva is mischievous, he jokes and laughs at my jokes too. He is “bhole” (innocent) in real sense. He doesn’t take things much seriously, he is the one who asks me to chill down a bit. But Mother isn’t like that, she is full of knowledge, she is calm and loving. Not that she is serious, but she is more nurturing. Just like a fun father would spoil a child with all the mischief and love but a mother is always busy planning the best things for them.

3. Having said that, knowledge comes only when she wants. I started with Shiva but when it was the right time for me to receive the knowledge, he directed me to maa himself. It was Maa, who made me see the omnipresence even if it was only for a few seconds. But as I said before, I practically see no difference in the sentiments that I have for either one. They both are equally real.

4. Bholenath is so cute and childlike that he will grant your wish if you cry about it a lot. He melts easily and Don’t get me wrong here, he also comes to protect you when you finally realise that you have asked for a wrong wish. But Mother sees through it beforehand and she only grants if either it’s good for you or after removing all the flaws in it that could make you suffer badly. Just like any mother would do.

5. Just leave it on them. If you ask me, I have only one solution to all the great problems in life – Surrender. It doesn’t mean that stop putting in your efforts but to drop the worries that we do for results. Just yesterday, I was out for a walk with Shiva and by the time I reached the park it had gone really dark (it’s a little far from where I live) And there was still time for the lights to come up. I saw it from a distance and thought of going back. But I knew I wasn’t alone so I had no fear. The moment I set my foot, and I literally mean that exact moment , all the lights lit up. Faith can do miracles.

I started it thinking about a series for a Navaratras but can’t say anything about the sentiment flow and my ability to express😛

Happy Navratras everyone I hope we all be able to spend a lot of quality time with mother divine.

Parvati Pataye namah ❤️