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Hindi Lyrics with English Translation:


Pratahkaal mein shaantaakaram,

Residing in the ocean of bliss and calmness at the first light,

Divya Prakash jalaate ho,

You lit the light of awareness within,

Phir agni le prachand surya ki,

Then at the break of the day,

Bramha mein yun bharmaate tum;

The mind travels near and far using your creative energy alone,


Jyotirmaya tum, tum hi divaakar,

You alone are the blissful awareness in heart, You alone are the creative energy,

Shrijana kai karwate tum,

You alone inspire infinite creative works,

Phir sandhya mein Agni sameyte,

Then at the close of the day, you convert all creativity into potential energy,

Chandra mein tun bas jaate tum;

and rest in your own coolness;

Pratahkaal mein shaantaakaram…


Tum parameshwara, tum hi sureshvara,

You alone are the Supreme, You are the power of noble efforts,

Maa bhi yun ban saate tum, shree bhi yun ban saate tum,

You alone become the receptive principle, You are all the virtues one possess,

Tumhara na aadi, anta na koi ,

You appear to have neither the beginning nor the end,

Madhya mein tun bas jagte tum;

I can only behold your glory in the midst of this creation alone;

Pratahkaal mein shaantaakaram…


All Glories to Swami ji alone🌼🌼🌼