Firstly, I offer my obeisances to my Prabhuji & Divine Mother for constantly guiding me. The experience which I am about to share is extremely close to my heart and it’s nothing short of a miracle.Circa’2007 we had been living in Mumbai and my little boy who was around 3 years old had a febrile seizure, the seizures just started when we moved from Gujarat to Mumbai, the weather in Mumbai is very humid and the monsoon is perfect for all sorts of bacterial, viral infections to breed.

Little did I know the pain it was going to cause my child. My husband used to travel frequently and this time he was out of the country when my son had a fever and which lead to a seizure. Fever, for me, was lurking darkness that use to keep me on my toes and there was this constant fear within me. The funny part is you can never pinpoint to what degree he will get the seizure, he used to become lifeless, absolute unconscious, I had to put a spoon or any object between his teeth so he doesn’t bite his tongue. In desperation, I used my finger also to stop him when I didn’t have anything nearby or I was alone.

At that point in time, I didn’t have this reflection, I was usually very calm and mindful whether I left with keys, cards, or carrying my son. My only focus used to reach Nanavati Hospital as earliest as possible and then informing my friends. My friends (a handful) have been a support system to me in Mumbai.The regular drill of being in the hospital for 3 -5 days and then getting discharged and coming back home. Our Docs told me usually by 5 years the febrile seizure goes but I was getting tired and restless.

I don’t know but one fine day I had this innate desire to walk to Siddhivinayak temple. The inner voice guidance, I shared the news with my hubby and he was like, do you know the distance? It’s 16 km? Yes, I am very impulsive. if I decide I have to do it I will do it no matter what. Given my reasoning skills, he agreed but on the condition, I am not walking alone. I had the perfect friend in mind, called him and he readily agreed.

At 5 am, we started our walk to Siddhivinayak Temple with a little prayer to Bappa. It was dark and using our flashlights at places where it was poorly lit. I don’t know but I knew Bappa will cure everything for me, as he is the Vighnaharta. I knew he was the only solution to my worries.

It took us 3.5 hours and some pitstop time for drinking water so, almost 4 hours. Then there was a queue, so finally when I reached the front of Bappa (if you had not been to Siddhivinayak, there is a huge crowd who will push you in every corner to make you move in a direction ) I managed to offer obeisance to him and my tears were unstoppable. I told him it was a mother’s plea to put an end to my child’s suffering since he is just 3 years old. I can take the pain but I can’t see him go through it. Every seizure constitutes a certain percentage of brain damage.

I came out, composed myself, sat, and just kept looking at him blankly. I called my husband and cheerfully told him we have reached. While leaving the temple, I prayed to the Mushak and there was a sense of peace. We completely forgot about our visit and prayer to Ganpati Ji.

In the acid test, my boy got a fever, and usually, we use to give him an anal suppository to subside the fever to avoid a seizure. This time we chose not to give because that was my faith and voila since then my boy never had a seizure again.

This is the power of undeterred faith, purity of intention, and pure love towards your Divine. Divinity lives within us in everything. Right from opening your eyes, breath, air, sun, moon, nature, etc. Just surrender and enjoy the ride.

Wishing you all lovely readers the best.