After winning the war of Mahabharata, Pandavas are crowned the rulers of Hastinapur with Yudhistira being at the helm of affairs. One evening a Brahmin walks into the palace to meet King Yudhisthira. The Brahmin asks for Bhiksha. Yudhistira with folded hands tell the Brahmin, Maharaj please come tomorrow as it is now past sunset and as per shastra I cannot donate now. The Brahmin dejectedly leaves the hall.

 In the palace corridor he meets Bhima, looking at his sad face, Bhima asks “What happened Maharaj, why are you sulking?” Maharaj informs him what King Yudhistira told him. Bhima surprisingly asks  “what did King Yudhistira say, can you please repeat”. Brahmin reiterates “He said,Please come tomorrow, after sunrise and I will give you bhiksha.”

Hearing this, Bhima rushes towards the palace temple and starts beating the drum and informs the attendants to blow trumpets. He proclaims loudly “ King has won the battle, King has won the battle”. He instructs the soldiers to distribute sweets and clothes to the poor. Hearing all this commotion yudhistira comes out;

Yudhistira : “ Bhrata Bhima, what is all this noise, which victory are you celebrating, we are not at war with anyone.”

Bhima :  Rajan, you have overcome death and this is by far your biggest victory.

 Yudhistira (surprised): How did I conquer death?

Bhima  : Rajan, you told this Brahmin to come tomorrow for bhiksha, that means you are sure that you are going to be alive tomorrow; You have conquered death.

Yudhistira realizing his mistake apologizes to the Brahmin and sends him with a cart load of goodies, and thanks Bhima for opening his eyes.

We all feel that we have lot of time but the reality is tomorrow is just a myth, what exists truly is today. Jigness bhai always used to tell me “ Maniss bhai, Do not postpone Joy . Think of all the people on the Titanic, who, on that fateful night, said no to dessert.

So many times we tell our loved ones, “Movie, we shall go next week, Vacation we shall go next Diwali. We also postpone the joy of giving “Ahh donation! Once I receive my bonus, I will donate part of it. We thrive on regretting the past or in a futuristic shell that we ignore the present. I have done that multiple times and have regretted it, but I have learnt my lesson.

Do not delay your happiness or your passions for someone or something that is still abstract, live and breathe the reality of life. Make the most of it, for a few years later you may have time to do what you really wanted to do, but you may not have the best of knees or strength to make it happen”.  

Now is the time to live the life you have always imagined.