Os.me is not for me me me me…but unknowingly few posts i wrote last made me feel not about us…making us laugh but more of autobiography boring and rondoo stuff! That was 22 years back concious of an ignorant material driven individual, but my purpose of writing was never that so lets give it a break and resume our laughter sessions! Those with teeth showing only read ,others refrain and enjoy Aaj tak news! So today post is mostly for non hindi speakers to tell them meaning of so commonly used idioms based on blood………..1) Khoon ka pyaasa hona( to be thirsty for blood)….Too be awfully angry 2) Khoon khaulnna..( blood sooper boiling) ..to be extremely annoyed 3) Khoon safed hona( getting white blood) ..
Getting disloyal.4) Khoon jalana( to burn blood) .feeling irritated 5) Khoon passeene ki khana ( blood and sweat food) …working hard 6) Khoon sookhna( drying blood)….when extremely scared. 6)khoon jamna( freezing blood) ….being fearful.7) aankho mei khoon utarna( blood in eyes)….Getting very Fierce with anger. 8) Khoon lagna( getting taste of blood)….tasting the forbidden fruit! 9) Khoon kharaba hona( blood bath) …Massacre and last but not the least Kato tto khoon nahi( when u cut no blood)..getting caught doing something prohibbited! If we think of our heart pumpping boiled ,white ,dry ,frozen or burnt blood we may visualise these idioms even more!

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