Being a non science student i m not sure if stomach has pancreas ,lever or some bag..
But in basic digestive system i often drew it in a big Raajma shape …here are some English translations of all the fascination our Hindi has with this most important part of humans..
It’s specially for my non hindi speaking dost.
.1)Mice jumping in stomach..( pet mei choohe koodna)- feeling very hungry. 2) Beard or teeth in stomach ( pet mei daari yaa daant hona)…an oversmart little child. 3) Swollen stomach ( pet foolna)..keeping a secret and gettig uneasy to disclose it to people.
4) Stomach existence ( pet se hoha) be pregnant.
5) Rearing stomach ( pet paalna) earn for living. 6) Stomach falling ( pet girna)..getting miscarriage 7) Cutting stomach( pet kaatna) …really cutting your basic expenses too. ……. 8)Firefighting Stomach fire( pet ki aag bujhana)…eating something when u r hungry. 9) Back and stomach getting one ( pet aur peeth ek hona)…Getting too weak or slim. … 10) Caressing Stomach ( pet sehlana)..asking for food by showing sign of hunger physically. 11)Kick leg on Stomach ( pet par laat maarna).
Replacing someone s employment by joining instead of him..
12) Question of stomach ( pet ka sawaal)..hunger and livelihood.
13) Water of stomach undigested( pet ka pani naa pachna)…uneasiness due to undisclosed secret. 14) Light stomach ( pet ka halka)..someone who cant keep secrets. 15) Getting folds in stomach ( pet mei bal parna)…laughing like crazy uncontrollably. 16) Stone on stomach ( pet pe pathar ) ..
Controlling your hunger due to financial crisis. 17) Walking stomach ( pet chalna)..Disentry or diaorehea. 18) Stomach without interstine( pet mei aant naa mooh mei daant) ..extremely old person. 19) Show stomach ( pet dikhana)…telling your secrets. . .. .. 20) Hiding stomach from midwife ( daaee se pet chhupana) …keeping secrets from a smart one. 21) Black stomach ( pet ka kala)..cunning person. . …….. 22) Sinning stomach ( paapee pet)..always needy and hungry stomach which needs regular food ! . ……. 23) Heavy stomavh ( pet bhaari hona)..indigestion. 24) Stomach worship ( pet pooja).. eating something. ….. 25) Stomach overfull talk( pet bhare ki baat).
Talking like a rich person ..

These are some of the idioms i remember..
If you can add more or tell which one did u find cutest…and of course i m sure no one gets Stomach pain ( pet dard) on if either of us gets featured or not!