Following is an extract from the interview of Umberto Eco ,a well known writer, when he was asked about how he managed to get so much done:

“Did you know what will happen if you eliminate the empty spaces from the universe, eliminate the empty spaces in all the atoms? The universe will become as big as my fist.

Similarly, we have a lot of empty spaces in our lives. I call them interstices. Say you are coming over to my place. You are in an elevator and while you are coming up, I am waiting for you. This is an interstice, an empty space. I work in empty spaces. While waiting for your elevator to come up from the first to the third floor, I have already written an article! (Laughs)”

When I was reading the book ‘Ancient science of Mantras’ I came across the concept of Mantra Shvasa(Mantra breathing) which is something that can be done any time during the day even when we are performing our daily chores,traveling ,waiting in queue ,driving etc.

By combining these 2 concepts together I have managed to make use of so many interstices in my own daily life lately. I used to think I have dearth of time but boy was I wrong!

I intend to continue this practice with a hope to make better use of my otherwise squandered away time and encourage my fellow seekers to consider trying the same if it suits your taste.

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