I have been a centeee  mental cry cry baby due to my foolish expectations and sensitive nature( read as inflated ego)  Pre Swamiji Era! With his guidance  grace and regular wisdom vaccination  I now focus more on gratitude and bliss and am in 60% acceptance and surrender mode.My similar situations reactions have 80% reduced to responses and the effects the same stressful situations had on me has reduced by 30%. But I still notice certain people who are freinds/ relatives who are usually very sweet  caring and concerned but when ever I talk to them it’s usually the unfulfilled part of my life and I usually repeat certain past emotions or incidents of injustice or discuss due to their instigation some persons chuglee or ill nature! I try lots of times to not bitch around the things which were hurtful and have passed but these set of people again make me Taamsik with their own poisonous Taamsik discussions and talks. I m still not strong spiritualy or have still not let my past go away to indulge in there Back biting of same person who troubles both of us! Os.me family give suggestions how to overcome this Vikaar.