Written- 28 Jan 2020

(With all honesty I had no devotion back then,

and I was just trying to understand the mysterious ‘Love’, well I still am 😄)



They ask me, “Do you believe in God?”

I say “Yes” without a doubt.


When I look up in the sky and see hundreds of stars

smiling and shining for me,

When the clouds are too many

I look down and see the road ahead

dancing and sparkling like crystals for me,

When I know that I am not alone 

in my trying and striving,

I believe in God.


When I saw Him for the first time,

and prayed deeply and silently for him to be mine.

It didn’t happen 

he would never be mine,

I would be never his.

We both are breathing freely in the same vessel of Love,

knowing we have each other but we don’t OWN each other.


When I see how carefully I’ve been protected in this journey-

from Selfish Longing to Selfless Loving,

I believe in God.



They ask me, “Well, you don’t go to temples or do rituals,

then which kinda God do you believe in?”

All I have to say is:



Love is my God.

I don’t have to go to a temple or mosque,

it’s Inside me.


Whenever the rain pours down my skin,

I feel God

inside me

smiling like a baby.


Whenever I look into my beloved’s eyes,

I feel God

inside me

Breathing and Growing,

with each passing moment.


Whenever I sit still and close my eyes,

Breathe in 

Breathe out,

Patiently and Diligently,

I feel God

inside me,

taking me ‘there’




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