The most coveted aspect of our lives: Happiness

Have you wondered about the only thing our lives revolve around? Have you considered whether it’s the cause or the effect of our lives? Have you thought about how it permeates right from food to enlightenment no matter what colored skin we are in? Wouldn’t you agree if I told you that I am talking about Happiness?

You may have heard about the most famous Harvard study on Happiness. It was conducted over 75 years tracking the lives of 724 men. The findings are astounding. This study doesn’t tell us that happiness can be acquired by fame, wealth or working harder and harder. Instead it tells us that the key to happiness is our close relationships which keep us happier and healthier all the way.

Let me share a few stories about how we can build our Happiness Quotience while we play the hand we are dealt with in life.

A friend of mine used to hardly ever get angry but when he did, he used to say mad for hours. This would naturally affect the atmosphere at home because work would pile up or get delayed. His wife used to help him understand the futility of staying mad and how time would be wasted. One day she said either I’ll give you a solution or you think of one. With time, he began to see how staying angry was such a waste of time. Then he wrote a letter to himself. It read, dear me, the next time I get angry I will take a pass and get on with my things. And the next time he did get angry, he asked his wife to read the letter back to him. Today if you ask him about how he manages his anger, he says what’s that now?

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