With immense blessings and grace of Swamiji most of my Os.me family or Our Sangha do share there most intimate feelings for Swamiji with me ( rather i have coined a name for myself SAPA.
Self appointed personal assistant of Swamiji) , and somewhere i do feel Proud too that i have gained trust of so many pure and innocent devotees who can share their love ,respect ,missing ,yearning and even insecurities with Our master Swamiji. To stay most humble and not my artificial ego boost at times i tell Swamiji…your kids also talk to me Swamiji …thank you for making a very very average individual even worthy of listening to your glories! Most of the common questions, queries or discussions i have had with a lovely community of co devotees who each breath, each heart beat and each thought only chant Swamiji Swamiji and Swamiji is, Does he even know we exist? Has he forgotten us not seeing us for so long or never ever seeing us personaly! Why he no more comes in our dreams ?Or due to study / household/ job pressure we dont remember him as much and dont feel his presence as much ! Will our manipulations ,chuglee or being materialistic push him away from us? To which Swamiji himself assured in a zoom meeting aswelll in hotel Raddison mindful to mindfull book launch….there is one person who will never judge you and always love you unconditionally and he is all the time praying for your happiness and wellness! Do you too doubt Swamiji s presence ,acceptance or vanishing from our consciousness at times?