Assuming that we are willing to do the hard work of facing your inner fears and working through failure, here are a few practical strategies for becoming more creative.




          Yoga keeps our body healthy. “Pranayam” is a breathing exercise that falls under the practice of yoga. Yoga helps us connect our body with nature and feel like a part of it. Yoga, combines posture, breathing and meditation and was initially practised as a form of healing

                    Drawing : The Art 


Drawing or we can say Art is the best way to spark our day . Designers can use a 3-inch by 5-inch canvas to create better large scale designs. The more we limit ourselves, the more resourceful we become.

                       Write more


It is a fantastic way to use writing to increase your creativity even if you have no intention of writing for others. It sharpens your mind and gives you the words you are looking for . 


The more you write ,the more you learn


          Enjoy sunshine and nature


“Nature in it is a healer”. This research supports the findings of other studies, which show that spending time in nature and increasing your exposure to sunlight can lead to higher levels of creativity.


Broaden your knowledge. 


One of my most successful creative strategies is to force yourself to write about different ideas and stuff . “You’ll do better in psychology and life if you broaden your knowledge.”


The more you learn ,The more you get .



        Embrace positive thinking


 It sounds a bit fluffy , but positive thinking can lead to significant improvements in creative thinking. Why ?


   Positive psychology research has revealed that we tend to think more broadly when we are happy. 

This concept, which is known as the Broaden and Build Theory, makes it easier for us to make creative connections between ideas. Conversely, sadness and depression seems to lead to more restrictive and limited thinking.


                    Sleep longer


 Sleep debt is cumulative and if you get 6 hours of sleep per night for two weeks straight, your mental and physical performance declines to the same level as if you had stayed awake for 48 hours straight. 

Sleeping 6 hours is a must to get relaxed and healthy. Like all functions, creative thinking is significantly impaired by sleep deprivation.


             Ship it 


The honest truth is that creativity is just hard work. The single best thing you can do is choose a pace you can sustain and ship content on a consistent basis. Commit to the process and create on a schedule. The only way creativity becomes a reality is by shipping.



Author – Luv Sarpal