A couple of ago, I turned 21. Although nothing felt being some sort of adult when you are still getting on your parents money 😆. 

Being a philosophical nerd, another thought passed by, just being pretty good in academics and in my fitness regime would help. Or do I need find some sort varities and hitting an extra mile on that as well. I was sitting on my balcony while the process in my head was going on. My eyes fell on the playground where my entire childhood did spend playing cricket and hitting the ball out the park. 

The tension we used to have was to fulfill the needed net run rate those days nothing else, and so many times we made it. Pressure never used to take hegemony onto us, and I believe never onto anyone who is just 8 to 10 year old. 

Being a 21 old lad, everything is still the same. Indeed we got some responsibilities to fulfill and expectations to meet as our family needs us. But the only nasty thing added onto is pressure, and fear of failure of losing. 

The biggest and foremost takeaway I want from my earlyself is to negate obsessions and pleasure of having some. Being a kid, somewhere we knew how to be happy with the things in hand. When people say they are getting depressed, the only the I ask is it something beacuse of you did or is caused due people around you, and things you have taken granted for which is too you are about to lose. 

Temporary world it is. New opportunities will come, and old shall leave. Some have fear of missing out, and have falling expectations. When do people make such unconscious obsessions?Imagination. Imagination is a gift yet a scourge. If by any means you are fulfilling your expectations by imaginations, you will be trapped all the way your life and that prison is hard heck.

Life is a blessing. You are a talisman. A diamond doesn’t care of getting compared by gold or platinum neither gets bothered by living in coal. Because it is a non-live stock 🤣. But you are alive make a show of healthy being. Next time thinking about any being for meeting mental expectations other than you, you are devaluing a precious stone.

Peace ☮

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