When I was in college there was no Metro route from Dhaula Kuan to Nehru place so I had to travel from DTC bus .

I Didn’t take ticket often in DTC bus as it was optional like conductor will not ask you for ticket . So once I got caught by ticket checker I told him I just got up from the last stop due to heavy rush I couldn’t buy the ticket the checker was also agreed with me as I used to dressed up  very tip top for college ( like Levi’s jeans ,Nike shoes was very brand conscious ) .

Next day the same two checkers got up in the bus and caught me again and recognized me as well that he is the same boy yesterday . They got me off the bus with them at Hauz Khas Bus stop and asked me for fine 200₹ but I offered them 40₹ (  Although I’ve never been short of money in those days,  but even that time I did not keep much cash with me ) and said I only have this keep it and let me go without fine slip but they didn’t agree  and one of them start looking inside my bag for my wallet.  the moment he touched my bag I got very angry and stared talking louder ” how dare you to touch my bag its not legal ” The incident attracted the attention of all the people standing there. I don’t know what happened to them then they simply let me go .( maybe because those  days there was a campaign going on by CM Kejriwal that if any govt. Employee ask you for bribe then make a video or voice recording of him and send to us ).

Usually same ticket checkers come very often in same route consecutively . I thought I already met them twice in same route now they won’t come at least for week.
So on third day I again decided not to buy ticket . But my bad luck same checker caught me for three consecutive days . He came to me asked for ticket I put my hand in my bag and took out some old ticket and show him we both smiled looking at each other. He hold my face from the chin and told everybody ” koi keh sakta h ye masoom ladka roz ticket nahi leta “ . Everyone in the bus was laughing .I was with blank expression on my face. This time they didn’t take me out from bus they both stayed with me till the last terminal stop Nehru place . I thought they might send me to the jail . Three of us were roaming at bus terminal, I didn’t utter a single word not even asked for apology because I knew its third consecutive day there is no sense of making excuse or ask for apology.  After a while they took to there favorite breakfast spot ordered  chai samosa for themselves and me  . After Nasta they gave me forty rupees (put notes in my pocket )  and Put me on my college route bus and   told me beta iss bar ticket leke college jana .  I didn’t even say thanks to them. During the whole incident I was very calm and quite from inside didn’t utter a single word . I have never felt that kind of silence in me  before .