I don’t mind leaving you alone

In the desert wide stretching

Midst cactus and spikes of plants,

And an evaporated drop of water.

You will be left alone.

Go away, why are coming back?

Who called you in?

No, I am not here to receive you anymore.

Go away, back off!

Dare you come here-

Go, die!

What! Why are you chasing me?

I don’t need you

Go away.

I dropped you off to your desert

In a nothingness like your value,

Don’t decay me anymore.

I am exhausted. 

Okay, okay wait.

I’ll give you water.

Here, take your glass.

Now go away.

Why are you such a parasite?

Why are sucking my head off?

No. Go away.

See, don’t threaten me.

Don’t make it worse, don’t ruin it.

I am trying to live without you

And your imagination

And overthinking

And you are such a piece of shit

That you have the audacity to jump 

From one lover to another-

Faces that smother

And situations occurred, occurring or never have occurred.

You dared to kiss an unpleasant sight.

You linger and you languish.

Go away-

You are shit.

Back off! 


Do you pull your hair to fight against the unnecessary voice too and then binge watch YouTube and feed yourself with Lay’s chips?

If not so, then what do you do? 


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