Durga, you will continue to work as usual….

Universe sent the final decision.

Durga, our around 50 years old house helper is with us since past 3+years or so. Yesterday I decided to delegate a part of her work to another helper.  This  directly meant reduction in Durga’s earnings.   Money, after all, is at the base of workings / decisions of this functional world.


But, Universe planned otherwise.

Read on please….

For the last few months, Durga has not been able to deliver her duties the way it is expected. Her heavy body has been a problem. She has diabetes and high blood pressure issues. Due to family problems, she is mostly in need of advance or loan.  This is a common thing with all and can be tackled easily as compared to her health issues. I remain gloomy for the time she is sweeping the floor. It gives me some uneasy feelings, sort of pity. I can’t see her working, nor can I keep paying her every month for work not done.  I don’t feel like pointing out her flaws. But can’t keep the house dirty also.  I have been in a fix since last 2-3 months. 

This week she fell ill and was on leave.  After two offs, her daughter tried to compensate by doing some part of work. I shared with her my side of story that even I am unable to do so much work every day, due to her so many offs and conveyed my decision of keeping one more helper.  She felt disappointed. Perhaps they were not expecting a cut in their work/earning. 

I appointed an additional helper, giving her about 40% of total work .  She is  good at her work.  Today, Durga came to work and was clearly not happy to see the work going out of her hands. Mindfully, I conveyed the whole scenario that 60% of work is still with her.  She tried to reason with me and even raised her voice a bit she but knew she won’t succeed. I already had kept a new maid.

In side me, a turmoil kept alive though….. I was disturbed, thinking that these  maids are financially so weak… in spite of poor health they can’t afford to sit and relax at home….. everyday they need to work….. etc…I wish I could help her out…. Is this okay to reduce her work…. how can I maintain a balance…in outside functioning as well as inside me. Clearly a state of dilemma…

Now, here comes the best part of this story.

Today itself the new maid comes and says that she is finding it difficult to adjust the timings of work, hence won’t be able to continue with us.  Immediately,  all my confusion evaporates.  See,  Universe itself took the final decision.




You know with vague and superficial spiritual persons like me, walking the path is never easy.  My inner impurities always try to win over whatever little, compassionate baby steps I try to take.  I had been polite and tolerant with all the flaws of Durga since 2-3 months.  But my impure mind dominated, and I decided to reduce her monthly earning. Especially during post-covid when work is less and seekers more.

Am so very grateful to Almighty for sending HIS decision.

This may seem a trivial matter to some, but I know Universe operates like this only. God knows my weaknesses as well, hence came to my rescue. I couldn’t have said NO even to the new helper myself. 

Yes, I will continue to be polite and tolerant with Durga, as earlier . This I consider as my spiritual homework, i. e., practising what we read and listen as spiritual seekers.  Just today I read the latest editorial by Medha Shri, stressing upon the need to walk the talk. Thank you Editor sahiba😊😊😊.