Hello everyone!!!Here’s a story about healthy food which my ma’am shared with us in a video. I think most of us like to eat burgers and pizzas.  So, it’s a good idea to share with you all in my own pearly words. Here’s is the story :-


A long time ago, a boy named Himanshu and a girl named Himani loves to eat lot of junk food. They lived with their grandfather, grandmother, mom and dad. They both were fond of eating burgers and pizzas. Their mom and dad used to explain them every day to eat healthy food. One day, their mom lovingly explained to them not to eat junk food and told them if they do not stop eating junk food their eye sight will become weak. Himani listened to his mother, started eating healthy food but Himanshu didn’t listened to his mother and continues to eat junk food only. After a long time passed, his parents stopped explaining to him about it. And one day, in the school Himanshu’s teacher asked him an easy question as 2+2? He was not able to see the question properly so he didn’t give the answer.


As a consequence, teacher scolded Himanshu for not answering such a easy question and called his parents in the school. Teacher told his parents about the whole incident and his parents scolded Himanshu and they felt bad, so inquired him that you are not able to give an answer to such an easy question as 2+2? He said I know the answer is 4 but the reason is that I was not able to see the question properly. His mother said I told you not to eat junk food but you didn’t listen to me. See now your eyesight is weak. Thereafter, his father took him to eye doctor for check-up and got his eyes tested. From that very day Himanshu left eating junk food and started relishing on healthy food. And, his parents were happy about it. 


So, as I also like to junk food like Maggi, burger and pizza but after seeing this video I reduced eating these things. Like in this story their eyesight became weak by eating junk food. So, I also decided not to eat junk food very often because I want to go in Indian Army, for which I need 6/6 eyesight. And, I realized the importance of eating healthy food.




Here, is the link to the video which I saw ‐ https://youtu.be/QlMEGPlaaUU


Jai Sri Hari  🙏


Keep smiling😊