Continuing from the last part, here are the remaining gems.

6.  Apply the law of three:

Identify the three things you do in your work that account for 90 percent of your contribution and focus on getting them done before anything else. You will then have more time for your personal life.

7. Prepare throughly before you begin:

Have everything you need before you start. Assemble all the papers, information, tools so that flow doesn’t brake in the middle.

8. Take one step at a time;

You can accomplish the biggest and most complicated job of just focus on one step at a time

9.  keep upgrading your skills and keep identifying your key constraints. What stopped you today should not stop you tomorrow at any cost.

10. Develop a sense of urgency: 

Make a habit of moving fast on your key tasks. Become a person who does things quickly and well.

11. Be your own cheerleader, don’t expect much from others. It’s for you and your future so keep pushing. keep pushing hard. Test your limits. Always focus on solution rather than the problem.


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