The following story is part of Write with me work shop in which we were asked to write who was Eether, why he cried , how he got ok. .

Eeher born after 12 years of IVF treatments to his 50 year old father and 45 year old mother , the parents being professors kept studying to get married late to find a like minded partner.After many attempts of misscarriages and the fetus either loosing Heart beat in middle or not developing lungs , there visits to church of Hope gave them Eether! Eether was 2 months now but he never stopped crying .The visits to doctors confirmed the child had no vision And no hearing! Oh how some times your wish not getting fulfilled is a blessing to ( a mystic had told them). They got a mission in life and admitted Eether to a school in Singapore changing there base from Paris. Eether was sincere and hard working and a great athlete to overcome all his disabilities…….this is all we could write in 10 minutesĀ