Rahu, a shadow planet in Vedic astrology, questions the boundaries set by society. It represents fame, worldly desires, greed, deceit, obsession, manipulation, and insatiable hunger. Mars or Angaraka is a red, fiery, and aggressive planet. It represents leadership, courage, war, anger, and confidence. When they come together in the same house in a person’s horoscope, the native may experience terrifying events in life. Mars and Rahu conjunction is called Angarak Yoga. This yoga is considered to be very inauspicious, and people fear it. This conjunction occurs once in 18 months.

While Mars is the Bhumi Karaka, Rahu signifies foreign lands. When these planets are conjunct, the native may live away from their home. The conjunction also causes rigidity, irritation, and stubbornness in a person.

Mars and Rahu are sworn enemies and very dominating by nature. When they come together, each will try to gain the upper hand. Due to this, the native may feel confused, anxious, and aggressive. The native may have poor relationships with family members and extramarital affairs. They may have obscene sexual urges, troubled love life, dishonest habits, unhappy marriage, etc. They may engage in extortion and illegal actions. They could develop violent tendencies and commit horrific acts like murders. The outcomes will vary according to the house in which these two energies combine.

Let’s see the effects of the Mars-Rahu conjunction in the 12 houses of the horoscope.

Rahu and Mars in the 1st House

Rahu stands for violation of taboos and risk-taking. Mars denotes passion and aggressiveness. The 1st House of Vedic Astrology or Ascendant represents the ego, body frame, and self-vision. So, Rahu and Mars in the 1st House create a violent temperament, greedy nature, insatiable hunger, and rage. Rahu tends to exaggerate things, and along with Mars, it might cause the native to have an inflated ego and narcissism. The native takes offense easily. They may display rage and irritation towards their lover or spouse. They will also boast about their material possessions and success. The native is also likely to have many short-lived love affairs.

Rahu and Mars in the 2nd House

The 2nd house represents money, prosperity, and fortune. Mars denotes accidents, high fever, injuries, surgery, and blood. Due to this combination, the native may face financial losses, surgeries, and ill-health. Due to Mars’ violent nature, they may lose their assets. But Rahu may compensate for the losses. Thus, this conjunction may be both malefic and benefic in this house.

If women have this planetary position, they may have problems in marital life, sexual intimacy, and their menstruation cycle. They may also put on a lot of weight post-pregnancy. This is mainly due to the negative effects of Mars. People with this conjunction in their birth chart, in general, may put on weight, have surgeries, get into accidents and suffer from high blood pressure.

Rahu and Mars in the 3rd House

The 3rd house signifies siblings, self-expression, and short trips. Rahu is all about the lust for material objects. It makes the person cheat and lie. It also makes them cruel and stingy. Though Mars is courageous and powerful, it is also a malefic planet. People with this combination may have no elder siblings.

They could have a problematic environment in the workplace. So, they may switch jobs often. They can also get fired by their employers. If they are in civil services, they will opt for premature retirement.

If they are involved in any fights, their injuries and suffering may be exaggerated. Owing to this conjunction, the native could get relief from legal matters and escape police custody.

Rahu and Mars in the 4th House

The 4th house or Bandhu Bhava indicates the native’s bond with their mother. When Rahu and Mars come together in this house, the native may not respect women who are elder to them, regardless of what their relationship is.

Rahu and Mars, in combination, intensify the native’s greed and anger. When such a person gets angry, they may become physically violent.

They may also have sudden weight gain and stomach problems like gastric and Celiac disease.

Rahu and Mars in the 5th House

Rahu and Mars combination generates a lot of energy. It makes the native alert, impatient, and anxious always. When it is formed in the 5th House, which represents joy, playfulness, learning, optimism, and fortune, it can cause great losses.

Women with this conjunction may have one or more miscarriages, as well as accidents and incurable diseases. They could also have abusive husbands.

But for those who are very action-oriented, this is a very beneficial combination. Rahu enhances energy, and Mars enhances confidence. The person may be unreliable and dishonest, They could lack learning and grasping abilities. They may be cunning opportunists who could do illegal things to achieve their ends. They could be good administrators who make effective decisions. But their pride may make them seem egoistic and dominant. Their temper may alienate them from family and friends. They won’t hesitate to deceive anyone to gain power and wealth. They can also take credit for other people’s achievements.

Rahu and Mars in the 6th House

The 6th house indicates debts, opposition, enmity, health, obstacles, and misfortune. But this planetary conjunction is quite beneficial. Such people are not malicious. Also, they will have good relations with their spouse. They won’t cheat them and will be gentle with them. This combination gives good results in the native’s personal life. They will respect women, and they are very sensitive to their mother’s feelings.

As this house represents enemies, the conjunction can make the person very threatening to their foes. They won’t hesitate to harm their enemy, but only if they are pushed to do it. The native may not have an elder brother due to this conjunction. The biggest drawback is that the native may have many health issues.

Rahu and Mars in the 7th House

The 7th house indicates love, relationship, marriage, and life partner. As Rahu is egotistical and Mars is violent, married life may be very tormented and unhappy if Mars and Rahu occupy the 7th house together. It is a very destructive combination for this house. This conjunction ruins the native’s love life. The marriage may continue for the sake of ego and selfishness. But ill-treatment of spouse and maladjustment are likely. The native may have many sexual partners.

The negative effect of Mars on marital life will be very strong in this case. Also, the person may have illegal businesses and transactions. They may try to con people. They will be good at hiding their extramarital relationships. They are sly and cunning and tend to bully those who are weak. They can deceive their business partners.

Rahu and Mars in the 8th House

The 8th house rules things like longevity, death, and sudden wealth gain and loss. It is seen as a malefic house. This conjunction makes the person obese, and they may have sexual diseases.

Such people are very brave and ambitious. They harbor deep secrets, and others may be suspicious of their motives and intentions. If Mars or Rahu is connected to the Ascendant or the 10th house, the native may be in careers like Research & Technology Innovation, Aviation, or Space Studies. But, if this conjunction has other afflictions, the person may become a smuggler or gangster.

The native is secretive and may be dishonest with their spouse. They may have extramarital affairs. They will be boastful, but actually, they may have an inferiority complex.

Rahu and Mars in the 9th House

The 9th house is the Dharma Bhava. It rules religious acts, karma, and good work. Here, Rahu and Mars are malefic, and the native may be accused of misdeeds. Due to their past deeds, these natives may invite suspicion.

Whether it is in politics, private or civil service, they may face a lot of struggles to get their due positions. They will have to make double the efforts to overcome situations.

Rahu and Mars in the 10th House

The 10th house indicates career and is called Karma Bhava. It also rules the designation and prestige of the native. Rahu in the 10th house is a good position, and the native will be unconquerable.

They know what they want and are good at getting it. Rahu may cause some hurdles. But Mars helps to recover the losses. There may be frequent disputes between father and child. But Mars doesn’t give the usual courage due to Rahu.

Rahu and Mars in the 11th House

The 11th house rules fame, popularity, wealth, prosperity, and profit. This conjunction can make a person rich but through unfair practices. The native will make a lot of money unethically.

Moreover, in this house, Rahu opposes Mars. This combination may also cause accidents and blood loss. The natives may be bullies, but actually, they are cowards. The native may also get relief from police custody and legal issues.

Rahu and Mars in the 12th House

The 12th house rules spiritual journeys, secrets, dreams, and aspirations. This Rahu and Mars conjunction has many negative effects that include an imbalanced love and sexual life. It is also likely to activate Rahu Dosha effects. The native may be unable to satisfy the sexual desires of their partners.

Due to this conjunction, a third person may cause issues between the couple. Companions or elders may give false guidance. The native has a tendency to cheat. They may exhibit immoral behavior. Female natives may face problems in pregnancy, progeny issues, and poor health.

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