1. My mother in law last year had to go through chemotherapy and was very weak to do her basic chores as having food or bathing too,with 2 kids, 2 men and 2 adult grand mothers and 2 storied house with no house help due to covid precautions and weekly hospital visits we needed to keep an attendant of 24×7 for my mother inlaw who would feed her every 2 hours.The lady we employed was of different faith and religion than us and also different eating and cooking habits so it was for sure she would be an expert with carnivorous dishes! On one such occasion while going to chemotherapy to hospital with my mother in law I requested ( it was not her job profile to cook for herself too let alone us) to make a andaa karee. Since my husband and kids have adopted eating non vegetarian unlike us or their ghaas phoos eating Brahman forefathers they were very excited to get authentic Dish from the JCC( Jhola cheap chef)As soon as we came back from hospital I peeped in the karaeee big pakoraas and kadi ( Punjabi kadee   the yellow colour besan and curd dish we eat with rice) ,I asked the attendant Bablee where is Andaa curry? And she pointed at what I was seeing ,she had coated eggs in gram flour and put in curd besan slurry! What???? I was jaw opened, to which she said she too had heard and cooked it for first time, when I showed her the you tube vedio of dilli 6 of cooking egg curry by Sameena she said this was masaala ande! Till this time my husband was extremely hungry ND demanded food ,both bableee and me quickly washed eggs of besan  fried them ,made an onion ,tomatoe ,green Chilli and garlic gravy in sooper fast speed in mustard oil and dint let our family have a hint of it too! Have you been in such a situation ever?