Hi guys! I am the awesome Smaran Kshirsagar. I am here on Swamiji’s website to rock the world and give you the confidence you need to drive you through this chaotic world. If you are new to my posts, know that I’m your new 9-year-old best friend.  I am going through my summer vacation, so I’ll be writing a lot of posts. I will be reading books during my summer vacation and I’ll recommend some of them for your extra good spiritual lives. So here is my first book recommendation “Way of the warrior kid-Book 1”

I am sharing three of my short stories below:

Story 1

Reddish scales with needle fangs and a venom tongue, Electric Eel is excellent at catching everything fast and slow in the vast ocean. Racing to get its huge game, which was an adult Dolphin, the electric Eel shot galvanic and engaged it to the Dolphin’s main fin and bit it. It then spun around and ripped the Dolphin’s main fin and ate it.

Story 2

In rarely sighted forest with lush trees there lived a Komodo-Dragon, with a stinking breath, thick layers of scales and with a tail strong enough to destroy three titanium trees. Barefoot, slithering into the second murkiest swamp in the Universe, it gets ready to charge at another Komodo Dragon. With a huge leap it wrestles its rival and uses its stinking breath and gets a great feast! Yum yum yum…

Story 3

Standing motionless as the world’s most deadly snake slithered through Snake’s extra-muscular body. Quickly reacting, not to the snake but to the devil in front of him, Snake at zooming speed made a Trident out of a few snakes and executed the devil.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to comment so that your life would be more fun than before!

I’ll be back with more exciting stories, later! Bye!  

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