Elana woke up fresh and excited it was the day she was going to meet jack the love of her life who was in Canada. The distance between them was 5 hours. 


The flight time was 4:00 am so she needed to reach airport by 3:00.am this made her quite excited and she was up, freshed up and left for the airport. 

She had booked a charter plane for it and all was going great. 


All was great 

She took the flight and the weather was planning differently 


The turbulence was high and the weather changing and then the lighting made the travel scary. The pilot and Elena were scared and they were just praying that all went good. Still the fear had a grip on both of them. Life is always unpredictable, and the lighting striked again, and the jerk in the plane made Elena scream. 

There was a complete silence and in a few seconds Elena realised the pilot was quite and not talking to her anymore. She tried to conversate but no use. 

It took a few minutes that he had passed away and Elena, was awestruck. She never knew to fligh and she tried to claim her down, and tried to handle the plane but no use. 


And then the final blow the lighting struck again, this time the plane started a nose dip and Elena, just had the lovely smile of Jack and bang the plane went deep into the water and the water started to gush in and when Elena realised she was grasping for breath. 


She was fine, as she knew how to swim and she took a stride and in the ocean. What she could understand that the rain has started and she could figure a small piece of land at a distance and she just started to swim. 

The cold water and the urge to live made her forget everything that was in her mind, no jack no love no nothing. 


After a half hour struggle she was able to feel the land under her feet and as soon as she came out of the water she was taken aback as it was an island and she couldn’t find anyone around as of now. She was just living on the beach and small drops of teats flowing down her cheeks, she was just numb no words, but the tears not stopped. 


The words never came out of her mouth, neither a shout or anything but she it was the feeling she had never in her life. She was feeling at peace with her, no mammoth of emotions was there now and she just sat down and saw what was around her and she could realise the Strom not only wrecked her plane but also few things on the land, the plants were bent and alot of stuff from sea had come to the shore, but there was a peace in her mind. She was just thought less and all she could hear was her heart beat and that is when she stood up and just flowed with the music she heard in her head. She was moving like a breeze when this picture was clicked by the local residents who tracked to this side of the island after hearing the crash sound. 



Thus, Elena though had a tough time but realised the beauty of nature and cam in peace with it. Tricky way nature has to teach us, we just need to keep our eyes open.