Our feelings and thoughts are tools of communication with the Universe. Every thought has an energy or vibration. So, listen to your feelings and thoughts. Our thoughts impact our emotional state and that defines our experiences of life.

In truth, there are only two emotions: fear and love. The degree of these two emotions varies with one’s knowledge of the facts.

The emotion of fear can lead to other negative emotions: anger, jealousy, and possessiveness. If this emotion was not there, nothing would have bothered us. We would have lived happily. It is our fears and insecurities that lead us to sadness.

Instead, fill yourself with the emotion of love. Be a source of love, and flow it to others by filling yourself with infinite love. Let it flow from you like the water in the mountains, whose supply is endless.

Mindful trust when


Are all emotions bad and should we suppress them?

The answer is No. Emotions are our feedback mechanisms. If we feel negative emotions, they are a call to action. When we feel them, understand that it’s time we are supposed to do something. They are necessary for our emotional health. So, express them. The unexpressed emotions will never die, rather they are buried alive and come forth later in uglier ways. So, do not suppress them.

It’s time to embrace our emotions.

I am reminded of few lines from a poem by Sarah Sisson (2009),

“I am an emotion

I surface each night

And feel the pain of yesterday.

I am proud of my pain.

I wear it like a badge

That is forged from a

Spilled blood, broken bones, and scars.!”