I offer my humble obeisance to you Rev. Sri. Om Swamiji 🙏🕉🌺

“IF TRUTH BE TOLD” this soulful and heartwarming memoir by you Sri. Om Swami Ji has awakened me to speak my Truth each time, which I always have loved doing all my life and this platform provided by you gives me the strength to express. The spiritual family here is amazing.
Yes there is a difference between being brutally honest and being decently honest, and it is this very decent Truth of our life that opens up to, not only the heart of the experiencer but spreads and conveys its message as a messenger of Divine, in the form of kindness, compassion and  goodness to the Universe,

Amidst all that is on, not just the current scenario,  life surely tests  your inner integrity, your grit, your strengths, which we truly are, or  claim to have built up on our path full of blossomed Blessings, without ignoring the dried bushes of parched scanty emotions   which stand tall in all their vanity too, after all it’s always been part of each one of us at some point or the other  on a lesser or more degree. But to evolve for better is the best choice we must make till our last breath.

Our very own home enlightens us…

Day before was a beautiful day, but towards evening it became a bit fateful. It was as usual a long day for my daughter , my son in law has been on leave for 2 weeks now, and they happened to order some Chinese food . Though I hardly eat outside food I just thought of giving company to my kids. Barely 20 mins of having it I had severe abdominal pain and it so happens that whenever something serious is about to take place with my health, I start to sense it beforehand. So I came out of my room called my daughter and informed her of the severity of my pain and uneasiness and that,  I might throw up.
Both of my son in law and daughter came out and sat on the couch. A bucket was kept near to me, just in case, as I was a bit shaky, unable to move and so sat down on the edge of a big reclining chair. Suddenly I started sweating and my body started to get cold, I could barely voice what I was feeling , though I did ask my daughter to switch on the air con which would enable me to breathe properly. Strangely, she did not take it seriously and asked her husband to do the needful. That truly was an uncalled moment for me. And then I threw up almost 10-15 times, it was that bad.

In the meantime I had slipped into a calm fainted state, reclined back on the chair , with no energy , for it felt that death was close by. There was this sense of immense stillness and for few seconds I did not even know I was there. After few mins I could see my daughter patting my hand to take me in my room, but I was unable to move myself. I could only gather myself after good 20-25 mins and slowly managed to lie on my bed. I am still recovering, a bit anxious , trying to maintain my inner balance , for no matter with age sometimes we start loosing our inner grip. I know this is a passing phase.

But what a way of Divine to make me experience such a near death experience , it felt good. I could literary feel something going out of my body and everything was still.
There is no hurt for my kids who reacted so indifferently, for I felt they are so baffled in their own battles of life that existence sometimes take a back seat. It’s so very important to keep the peace alive within so that life can be dealt with right attitude. Every child is born to learn through their very own experience too, but learn one must.  I always have this faith, that if you have instilled the right virtues and values in your kids, even if they get carried away with insensitivity, one fine day they will come back home better and wiser. May Sri Hari Bless them and may beautiful wisdom and compassion prevail in them. The young generation needs to slow down and contribute quality and peaceful time with parents. And only their own spiritual wisdom can guide them with right attitude towards life, respecting each day with gratitude and compassion.

My sharing this experience is not to gain sympathy but a simple pure truthful message, that no matter what the situations , life will never stop to surprise and test you. We need to strengthen our very  being keeping all faith in The Divine will.  Above all we must constantly keep feeding our senses with the right environment  too or else we face the consequences .

All my life I have been very strong, very determined but past few years I dreaded being alone or rather dying alone, and hence had made a conscious decision to leave India for good, after almost 12 years of isolation . But there is this Supreme Power that made me  go through this very tunnel of so called fear  I was avoiding and eventually consolidate my being.

Each day comes with Divine intervention and  creation , a creation of new mind, creation of new body , creation of new emotion. A creativity that keeps us alive, and kicking.  Creativity that keeps us warm and hugged, Wakes us up each day to our own reality, holding a barometer that tests how the time tested pressures keep us in balance, pure and true to our ownself. Above all the Divine intervention that awakens us to make wise conscious choices either to get in, stay or to let go and breathe.

And breathe I shall, am finally looking for a place in Solan close to Sri Hari, if that happens , I have surrendered to Him.

Let death come graciously washing away any left over traces or  residues of fear and expectation.
This Covid period is a Grace period granted by Divine to test  my will, my spirit. He Knows It All🙏🕉

With each one’s good wishes and Sri Hari Blessing me,  I shall cherish and take with me a graceful breath and life🙏🕉🌺


Just saw this video of Sri. Om Swamiji yesterday and it made me smile 🙂 yes, live like a pauper but die like a Queen/King🦢

Jai Sri Hari🙏🕉

Divine Bless All

Siddhika Umesh

Serve , Serve and Serve 🕉

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