Blog -Intruders ( Ego, attachment and anger)
We protect our home from the intruders to enter in our home but how many people worry about the intruders who enters in our real home , our body and mind ? We have allowed some thieves to enter and they are causing havoc . These are the thieves of anger , attachment and ego. Our attitude is responsible to allow  the thieves of anger , ego , attachment and jealous, Therefore it is important to format our mind and protect ourselves by the shield  over our mind under conscious and subconscious and  supra conscious mind ( connecting to God ).The purpose of life is to protect us from worldly  toxins and save the life and to get peace , tranquility and happiness ,we cannot bring happiness  till we get peace  and tranquility. The Intruders mean not only  our anger or ego , it is also related  to our intake of of toxic  food which affects the internal organs  and mind .

Om Namaha