Once upon a time there were three men,each had two sacks, one tied it in front of his neck and other tied it on his back.The first man asked what was in the sacks, he said, in the sack on my back are all the good things my friends and family have done, and are hidden from view.
In the front sack, are all the bad things that have happened to me.Every now and then I stop, open the front sack, take the things out, examine them and think about them and because he stopped to concentrate on all the bad stuff, he really didn’t make much progress in life.

The second man was asked about his sacks. He replied, in the front sack are all the good things I have done.I like to see them often so I take them out to show them off to people. The sack in the back I keep all my mistakes and carry them all the time. Sure they being heavy, they slow me down but I just cannot put them down.

When the third man was asked about his sacks, he replied, The sack in front is great, there I keep all the positive thoughts I have about people, all the blessings I have got, the weight isn’t much, the sack is like a sail of a ship, keeps me going forward.The sack on my back is empty, there is nothing in it.I cut a big hole in its bottom, where I put all the bad things that I can think about myself or hear about others.They go in one end and come out the other so I am not carrying any extra weight at all.

The whole is the third man’s sack is that of FORGIVENESS”.Whatever happened in the past, forgive and move on, otherwise we will always be in duality and moving ahead will be very tough.

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