“Time to get up Ethan “ said his mother.

No answer, she opened the door to his bedroom only to find out that her son was crying.

“Oh honey, what’s wrong?”she said coming in.

Still no response. Her son was standing by the table close to his bed, staring at the cage.

“Oh, sweetheart, I am so sorry”

“Why mom, how could this happen. He was just fine yesterday when I went to bed?”

Ethan King is eleven years old. He lives in a nice little house in one of the suburbs of London. He has two sisters, Nora who is fourteen and Jenny who is seven.

He has a cat Mr Henry , a dog Bruno and until a few minutes ago,  a hamster, Bob

He loves playing the guitar. He has been practicing for a couple of years now and is quite good at it.

Every day when it is not raining of course, he swims  in the outdoor pool they have.

Today did not start well for Ethan. He woke up, earlier than usual,  and went straight to the cage where Bob was. Sleeping late this morning  he thought.

“You know Ethan, Bob was old” he heard his mom say.

“Let us wrap him up in a small blanket,  put him in a box, and find a spot under the chestnut tree for Bob. You  pick some flowers from the garden to put on his grave.”

“What do you think?”said his mother.

“Sounds like a good idea mom.” He answered tears rolling down his face.