It feels so light
it feels alright
as if the world
has found its feet
and has gone and settled on a bench
on a beautiful night
such as one like this
huddled under a moonlit sky
a faraway smile
a glance so kind
the world’s hands entwined
to rain a giddying happiness…
what’s this force
that bestows such grace
mends and heals
and makes sense of things
how does it light pathways so dark
and makes clay of my fears
why the heart wants to sing
when no one is listening
Oh from where is this joy
bustling in my chest
what do I call you
other than Bhagwan
when all your names
are nothing but enchantments
it feels so right
nothing has changed
only the world has tipped
to a point
from where every atom is you
the world is you
and everything and everyone I know
is you…

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