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Ah! The tension we get when our books start turning yellow!

Fantasy book

Ah! The enthusiasm we get, when we desire the premium edition of the book!

Girl reading book

Ah! The annoyance we get, reading those dumb self-help tips!

Guy reading

Ah! The gymnastics we do, while engrossed reading on our sofa!

Reading in rain

Ah! The Divine bliss we experience while reading when it’s raining!

Man with book stack

Ah! The excitement we get, for completing all our favorites at the same time!

Love for books

Ah! How much I love reading!

Girl laugh

Ah! The silent giggling we make, while reading those jokes!

Man typing

Ah! How fury we get while cursing the writer with reviews, for his dumb book!

Dog reading

Ah! Our eyes hurt, when we forget to blink, while lost in the book!

Stack of books

Ah! The joy in which we dance, when we get to own the entire series!

Burning book

Ah! The rage we get, when we wanna burn that crappy book!

Engrossed in reading

Ah! The pleasure, when fantasy seems better than reality!

Book nerd

Ah! The astonishment we feel, when they say they never read a book!

Majesty reading

Ah! The sadness, when the lovely character dies!

Man reading

Ah! The amazement we receive, which they can’t believe, we enjoy those boring-looking books!



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